Work will set you free

Arbeit macht frei, Ready made objects, sewing machine needles, printed text;216x4 cm; 2017

In Macedonia, the labor rights (and especially of the garment workers) are completely neglected and violated steadily, to every level. Their voice is unheard from the sound of the sewing machines, and their dreams are trapped in the daily struggle for survival.

Testimony of garment worker:

It happens to work for weeks without a day off. We work on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays, and we never know in advance whether we will be working on Sunday or not. At the end of the working Saturday they only tell us: "Come tomorrow to work," not even asking us if we can, if we are tired, if we can endure such a pace. There are many stories as this, but here is one: Once we  worked on Sundays but we were promised the day before to finish till three o'clock, since we all have families and we want to have at least one day free to see our children at home. But, when  three o'clock came, the manager threatened us that we are not suppose to go until the job is done, and if someone leaves, they will reduce our salary for the month. All the textile workers have bent their heads and got back to work since no one  wanted to have cuts from the already little amount of  8,000 denars (130euroes), which they take.

Bozurska Kristina, Work will set you free, 216x 4 cm, 2017

Work will set you free ojects text 2017