Paintings compressions

Paintings Compressions, 2008-11

The aftermath of the constant innovation of capitalism is, of course, the permanent production of piles of leftover waste: “The main production of the modern and postmodern capitalist industry is precisely waste. We are postmodern beings because we realize that all our aesthetically appealing consumption artifacts will eventually end as leftover, to the point that it will transform the earth into a vast wasteland. You lose the sense of tragedy, you perceive progress as derisive...” (Miller, 1999:19). The obverse of the incessant capitalist drive to produce new and newer objects is therefore the growing pile of useless waste, piled mountains of used cars, computers and so on, like the famous aeroplane ‘resting place’ in the Mojave desert...In these ever-growing piles of inert, dysfunctional ‘stuff’, which cannot but strike us with their useless, inert presence, one can, as it were, perceive the capitalist drive at rest. ( Zizek, 2000)

COMPRESSION 3, 420 x 80 cm, mixed media on paper, 2009

Brillo and a red bike, oil on canvas, 500x120cm, 2009

Carbody, oil on canvas, 200x130, 2009

Detail from the polyptych Garbage dump

Diptych-garbage compressions 200x120 cm 2009

Exhibition View, Group exhibition-selected artists for DENES award, Museum of city Skopje, 2010

Garbage dump, oil on canvas, 300 x120, 2008

Garbage dump, oil on canvas, 300 x120, 2008

Grayness, oil on canvas, 120x200cm, 2009

Grey polyptich 5,, oil on paper, 100 x 280, 2009 cm

part of Polyptich, oil on canvas, 200x130 cm

Polyptich with wheel, oil on canvas, 400 x 120 cm

Polyptich-compressions, 25, oil on canvas, 120x400cm, 2009

Polyptych 4, oil on paper, 100 x 280 cm 2009

Polyptych Compressions-fragment, mixed media on canvas, 500x130 cm, 2008

Polyptych, mixed media on canvas, 700x130 cm, 2008