Politization of debris

In this series of works, I was exploring the working conditions in Macedonia, and collecting personal stories of workers whose rights have been violated.  Long working hours, low wages, lack of regular contracts, unsafe and unhealthy working conditions especially in the garment and shoe production industry are regularly the case. The testimonies that are being written on the walls in the shape of silhouettes are representing the unpleasant position in which the workers are. The works in this exhibition are product of a critical observation and social relations between the artist and various workers whose personal stories are conveying not just their intimate everyday struggles, but  the complicated socio-political situation of the country as well. The transitioning from a socialist system in Yugoslavia to another has affected the state and has led to massive layoffs, privatization and corruption, offering a fertile ground for current political manipulation, nationalistic ideologies and identity crises.

Portraits, oil on canvas, 28 pieces, 30x24 cm, 2014

Used and dumped (the working hands), oil on canvas, 320x160cm, 2014

The Invisible, drawings and text on paper, 2017

The invisible, drawings and text on paper, 2017

The invisible, fragment

Kristina Bozurska, The Invisible, drawing on a wall, 2015

The heavy breathing of the working class